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The challenge of academe is to provide learners with a more interactive and collaborative education experience when working with the academe flashcards. academe thus comes under the category of social network-leraning application. We want to tie academe into a wider solution, since, together, we can create a meaningful application. Winning application have to be sufficiently unique. We can attain this goal through the uniqueness of Switzerland's university network.


cooperation between institutions


interested institutions

Great they think about us - the students!
— Bachelor Student, University of Zurich
Send me a message, as soon as academe is ready. I will integrate academe in my lecture.
— Professor, University of Zurich
academe is a project worth supporting.
— Didact, University of Zurich
Excellent, that academe is an open-source project.
— Computer Scientist, University of Zurich

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The Android version will be persumably available in 2016 (donations for the development are welcome)